JddAsta - Auction management system

Complete software for the management of an auction (fish and flower markets), goods transport, merchandise weighing, display board and screens for auction display, merchant consent (via button, RFID, NFC, remote control or mobile phone) merchandise labeling and integration with accounting system for billing and complete traceability / traceability of sales

Software asta In November 2018 the Goro market asked us to urgently replace their auction management software. Before Christmas 2018 we installed our software using as much material as possible already worked (tapes, display board, printer). The buyer consent system has been changed because the old system did not have the required reliability. Our software has increased the auction speed and given the reliability that the market was looking for (every day the auction must be completed). The software is complete and is designed to be interfaced with already existing material, the purchase consent can be sent via cless (cards), remote controls, mobile phones or simply with fixed buttons. The flow of product and all the insertions given by the astatore was designed to be as fast as possible with auto suggestion based on the context and previous data

Product transport

Conveyor belts automatically controlled by software


Automatic acquisition of gross weight with tare management both through package settings and manual

Display board and / or monitor

Management of both display board and / or unlimited numbers of screens to display the auction. Possibility to also view product photos.

Purchase consent

Purchase consent system via buttons, NFC / RFID (cards), remote controls or mobile phones


Labels with thermal printer or inkjet to indicate product data and merchant who purchased. The system provides different layout possibilities for product type

Data input auto-suggest

For maximum data entry speed, the software auto-suggests data and allows you to use only the keyboard (function keys)

Integration with accounting

Export service to synchronize all data automatically with accounting


Interfaces to display statistical data on the auction


"Fail-safe" system to continue the auction in case any component breaks