JddFish - Fish traceability and labeling software

JddFish is a software to manage the traceability and production processes of fish. The software with its sub-modules manages all processes from entry, labeling, order management to order evasion by assigning the goods.

Label At the entrance the fisherman and the species are identified and the software automatically generates the lot according to EU regulation with the possibility to acquire the weight automatically and to print the final DDT / DDS (Transport document) for the fisherman. The packaging is automated, the weight is detected by a scale and the system labels automatically sending the data to a thermal printer. The system can be used either from a specially developed workstation or from a PC, scale, printer connected wirelessly. Much attention has been given to the system to insert the order where the salesman has all the information relating to the product entered and packaged in real time and can assign a cash already labeled to a specific customer. Orders are processed by reading barcodes on the label to associate the box with the customer. The system automatically checks that the order matches and sends all the data to the accounting for billing. Furthermore, the return and rework of the returned product is included.

Receiving goods

Registration of the catch with the possibility of acquiring the weight automatically, management of the lot on the basis of fisherman with the possibility of printing DDT / DDS for the fisherman

Sales note

Automatic generation of "Sales Note" in XML format based on entered merchandise and fisherman data


Automatic labeling when the weight (weight-price label) is acquired with the possibility of multiple layouts that can be modified. All barcode types such as EAN13, GS1-128, GS1-Datamatrix are available

Order entry

Order entry system with immediate visibility of raw material arrived and packaged product, possibility to assign a specific boxe already packed

Picking - Assignment of goods

Order and availability of packaged goods displayed through coloring, customer assignment on basis of barcode read of a specific box

Generation of DDT / Invoic

Integration with accounting to automatically transfer the assignment data (customer, item, batch, quantity) to the accounting.

Stock controll

Inventory control system, bar code reading for all packages left to execute stock controll

Prints and reports

The program is foreseen in all the phases of all types of printouts such as customer order, loading and unloading register, packaged stock, raw material stock and single lot data


Interfaces for displaying statistical data relating to both purchase and sale. System for grouping data and comparing data over different periods.