Software development

We develop both installed software and web application but also integration in other current software such as management of payment terminals or telepass in parking lots / hotels up to PLC control software. Below is a selection of application / integration that we have made.

Payment terminals

Development of dll and remote control / management services to integrate payment system "Ingenico iSelf" for kiosks and entry and exit columns in parking and hotels

Skidata Italy, Skidata Dubai, Skidata Sud Africa, Ariane Systems

Personal financial planning

Backend and frontend software development for risk calculation and portfolio management applications

Prometeia S.p.a

Flight instrumentation

Software development for free flight instrumentation, artificial horizon, compass, accelerometer, g-meter and gps



Development of dll/software to communicate with telepass for entry and exit with payment at checkpoints


Resource planning and cost management

System for planning company resources, scheduling and managing related costs.


Software for catch detection

Software for the detection of fish catch related to "Plan for traceability of fish products subject to fishing and farming"

Coldiretti - Impresa pesca

Detection of online abuse and harassment

Machine learning for detection of abuse and online harassment related to comments posted by users on StackOverflow

SOBotics - open source

Artists contract management

Software to manage artists with related contracts, calculations ("enpals"), prints, invoices, receipts etc

Teatro Regio di Parma, Orchestra Filarmonica di Bologna, Fondazione Festival Pucciniano, Associazione Mozart

DDT (Transport document) management and invoices

Software for managing DDT / Invoices (Electronic) for wholesale confectioners

Pasticceria Massarenti, Pasticceria di Cocchi Christian, Pasticceria Il Melograno di Ferrando Claudio etc.

Personal shifts management

Software for the management of staff shifts, with the possibility of customizing the shifts and all the parameters relating to the days and workers.

Rivamare srl

Calculation of balance sheet and income statement

Application to obtain an income statement and a three-year balance sheet of your business plan.


Document management and analysis

Application for the massive analysis of pdf and excel for investments, trust and property management.

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