JddTrace - Tracing and management software for shellfish production

JddTrace is a software to manage the traceability and production processes of shellfish. The software with its submodules manages all the processes from delivery at the port/quay to the order evasion including loading of the truck for shipment.

Trace box In 2005 the software was the winner of the Interreg IIIB CADSES AdriFish call, for the following years we continued to develop the most widely used shellfish tracking software in Italy. The software is developed in modules to manage all the production processes from the delivery at the port, entry in the production plant, purification, packaging up to the loading of the truck for the shipment of the goods. JddTrace has been certified both ISO 22005 (Italian standard UNI 10939) and IFS (International Food Standard) at our customers. Below is listed some of the features of the software if you want to find out more or see the software running at one of our customers do not hesitate to contact us.

Delivery at port/pier

Weighing, recording of fisherman and print received at the pier. All data is subsequently transferred to the cloud

Entry in production plant

Product registration with the possibility of indicating the actual weight of a single pallet, automatic generation of raw material lot.


Progressiv Web Apps system to record in which bins (nr, location) the lot is depured. Visualization in real time of the depuration area with status of each lot and "Product in water" print


The orders can be entered via interfaces or the system can be connected to the accounting to synchronize all the orders automatically.


Automatic generation of production batches and transfering of all labeling data to packing machines via a wireless system.

GS1 Labeling

Possibility to label external packages with labels GS1 (GS1-128 or GS1-Datamatrix) for traceability in distribution

Weight control

Wireless system to send production batches to carry out weight controlls with certfied scales.

Assignment of goods

Orders and availability of packaged goods displayed through rows coloring, for a quick assignment of goods either manually or by reading barcode production sheet

Generation of Transport documentation / Invoice

Integration with accounting system to automatically transfer assignment data (customer, item, batch, quantity) to the accounting. The software can also generate document of transport internally.

Truck cargo

Progressive Web App to indicate where a certain palette is placed in a certain truck with a final truck layout printout

Analysis and documentation

Central file system of all the documentation related to a lot (analysis performed etc)

Prints and reports

The program in all the phases has numbers of printout as product in water, production plan, packing list, delivery round, transport order, borderau, sanitary documentation, loading and unloading register, stock of product on date, list of lot recipients, single lot data


Interfaces for displaying statistical data related to both purchase and sale. System for grouping data and comparing data over different periods.

Online traceability (internet)

Transfer of lot data to the cloud to give final customer access to tracebility data also by QR-code on the label

Users and departments management

User management to enable / disable software functions as sending labels to certain machines.